CSC Press Conference: Marijuana as Medicine

Attention everyone in Support of Medical Cannabis:

Let’s get this done! Join advocates from across South Carolina, convening at a press conference at 11 am on Tuesday 2/19/19 at the South Carolina Statehouse. Medical professionals, patients and caregivers are banding together to reveal the faces behind the 72% of our population who believe that medical marijuana should be an option for treatment for specific debilitating conditions.
We are sending a message to legislators and community leaders that cannabis IS medicine. Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti, PhD, Vice President for Research at University of South Carolina will enlighten viewers and explain the research conducted over the past twenty plus years. Dr. Monnie Singleton, MD is one of the world’s leading advocates and researchers for “personalized medicine” and pharmacogenetic technology with a specialty focus on opioid addiction and will discuss the benefits of medical cannabis. Dr. Bill Griffith MD, graduate of MUSC and primary care physician from Anderson will reference validating research. Medical professionals will clearly indicate that NOW is the time to vote “yes” on the Compassionate Care Act.
Patients need legal access to medical marijuana, not only to improve quality of life but to help preserve and lengthen life spans of patients with conditions like:
cancer, multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease or disorder, sickle cell anemia, glaucoma, PTSD, a condition causing a person to be home-bound that includes severe or persistent nausea, or a chronic medical condition causing either severe and persistent muscle spasms or for which an opiate is currently or could be prescribed.
Please dress in business or church attire and show respect for all you come in contact with even if they have a different viewpoint. We are on the right side of this battle and our defenses are medical and scientific facts. Be sure to see a CSC Director of Outreach to get your lapel pin to wear in support of our group….with the goal of improving the lives of many South Carolinians!