H 3521 is Moving

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Chairman Leon Howard of the 3M Committee has posted H 3521 on the calendar for a possible vote in the full committee on Thursday. We have the utmost confidence that we have a great deal of support from the full committee members, and expect them to send the bill to the House floor.

Unfortunately, it is too late for a bill to typically cross over from the House to the Senate (or vice versa), so we don’t expect a full House vote. House Speaker Lucas can call for a vote if he desires, but this is unlikely. The House will almost surely focus on the bills already approved by the Senate, which have a more likely chance of becoming law. However, there is still a possibility for a floor debate, which would be a best-case scenario at this point for 2018.

We see the 3M vote as an important step forward, and a very positive indication that compassionate care and medical marijuana are being more widely accepted by the legislators. This turn of events is laying the groundwork for the catapult that will be activated next session with the new bill.

Patient advocates who have gotten involved and are dedicated to helping patients in South Carolina, deserve a word of thanks — calls to the Speaker’s office and to local legislators encouraged the bill to be heard.

Please RSVP to our educational symposium this Wednesday, and join us in spreading awareness:


We are all making this happen, together!

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