Happy Sine Die!

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The second and final year of this biennial state legislative session is officially over. Our team accomplished a lot this year, and we have you to thank.  Thousands of calls and emails to Columbia came from our legion of caregiver and patient advocates.

When the second of the two-year session started, time was of the essence for the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act. With support from you and our concerned citizens, we were able to host educational seminars throughout the state, which spread awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis. Education is key in preparing our advocates and legislators. We implemented targeted campaigns and spoke with legislators as well as law enforcement to convey the positive impact a comprehensive and well-regulated medical cannabis program could have for seriously ill patients in our state. CSC constituents banded together to tell their personal stories, which had a massive impact. We made great strides in gaining support for the amended S212, which became more conservative as lawmakers heard concerns. Our legislators have been busy, but the calendar has simply run out of time due to other pressing concerns taking priority.

We are proud and humbled by your action and support. Thank you so much, and don’t be discouraged. We made much progress this session. The fact that S212 passed through the full Medical Affairs committee and H3521 moved toward the House floor after being approved by the full 3M Committee is monumental for our conservative state. This was a big win for advocates and patients in South Carolina that need this medicine as an alternative treatment. It shows that the tide has changed, and the most conservative legislators realize that it is not a matter of if, but when we have a medical marijuana law in our state.

Advocating on behalf of South Carolina’s patients happens all year long. CSC.Health is always here to help connect you with your elected officials. This summer, I encourage you to write them a note or give them a call. (If you don’t know who to contact in Columbia, start here.)

Can you please send a quick email to carry medical cannabis across the finish line? Let your legislators know you support our patients’ and our doctors’ right to determine if medical cannabis should be an alternative treatment option. If you believe that it is OUR HEALTH, OUR DECISION, please use this link to send them an email:  Contact your legislators

Stay updated via our newsletter, please sign up at the following link: Join CSC mailing list

We will also post our closed group and open Facebook page as well as our website and twitter addresses. Educational seminars and events will be scheduled throughout the off-season and our public service announcements will be released.  You do not want to miss what we have planned!

We appreciate your engagement this session. CSC patients and caregivers could not have achieved so much without your help. A new bill will be pre-filed and in January when the new session begins, and advocates will hit the ground running. Please continue to contact your legislators and tell them your personal stories about how people you know and love can be relieved of pain and gain a better quality of life. Together, we can get this life-saving medicine to desperate patients in the communities we love!

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