Pivotal SC Medical Marijuana Poll

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New data has surfaced from the public opinion polling and political strategy firm located in Atlanta, the Trafalgar Group. According to the survey, only 18.8% are opposed to any form of legalization – medical or otherwise,  and 4% of those feel it is inevitable anyway. The most impactful takeaway is that likely South Carolina voters in 2020 are 51.1% “more likely” to support a legislator voted in favor of a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Of those, 31.5% said they would be “much more likely” to support their senator or house member. Alternately, only 18.4% said they would be “less likely” to support a lawmaker who votes for medical marijuana and only 12.1% said they would be “much less likely.”  

Another question was posed in regard to medical marijuana legalization and its reduction in taxpayer dollars wasted by avoiding arrest and prosecution of legitimate medical users. In light of the tax savings by reduced law enforcement activities aimed at qualified patients, whopping 31.6% of respondents stated that they were “much more likely” to support a medical cannabis law plus an additional 22.5% “more likely” totaling 54.1%.

The survey was a large one, with a sample of 3,036 South Carolinians last December, and had a margin of error of merely plus or minus 1.8%, and Trafalgar is we well-respected within the community. It’s clear that South Carolinians support medical cannabis, and by a wide margin!

What does this mean for advocates for medical marijuana in South Carolina? A previous poll by Benchmark Research poll showed 72% percent of residents approve of a medical cannabis program, but opponents dismissed results as an aberration. This new pivotal polling shows us that voters genuinely support this issue, and they support the candidates that agree with them. Legislators need to wake up to the support their constituents have, or the candidates just might be left behind in the next election.

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