Useful Information Regarding Law Enforcement

Compassionate South Carolina would like to first thank all Law Enforcement officers in our great state for their service. We understand that every time you put that uniform on you are protecting us citizens at all cost and for that we thank you. Compassionate South Carolina knows that your number one concern is public safety issues and we respect that fully. We hope that through education and collaboration we can find some middle ground that will allow patients with debilitating conditions access to medical cannabis through a tightly regulated dispensing program. We have attached a few educational resources below to help alleviate some of your viable concerns that have been expressed by your departments when South Carolina passes the Compassionate Care Act. If you have any additional information you would like or if you would like to attend or speak at any of our upcoming events feel free to Contact Us Here. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

CSC Medical Cannabis Laws and Public Safety Concerns

 Medical Dispensaries and their effect on crime