Save our Healthcare Action Week

Local activist groups have formed a coalition of concerned South Carolina citizens to oppose the US Senate’s health care bill. Although the effects would not be felt immediately, if passed, it will have a negative impact on our sickest, most disabled and the elderly. This is very serious as our residents who need help the most will suffer greatly.

They will be holding a Save Our Healthcare Action Week in this coming week as constituents of Senators Graham and Scott to demand they vote against this bill, which would have enormous social and economic consequences for our state. Cuts to Medicaid, if allowed to occur, will affect South Carolina deeply. A quarter of South Carolina residents, including two out of every five children, get their healthcare through Medicaid. A dozen hospitals may close, leaving rural communities with even fewer employers. Constituents who have health insurance through their employers would find it more difficult to leave a job to start a small business for fear that individual market healthcare would be inadequate or too expensive if they have a preexisting condition.

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