SC Families Deserve a Product They Can Trust ~ by Michelle Simonetti

I am excited for this next adventure, to educate my community on Medicinal Cannabis. To share a bit about myself, day to day my job is working with Addiction and Mental Health practices across the country. In college I studied Neuroscience focusing on the brain’s relation to behavior. After college I performed analytical studies on medical devices and pharmaceuticals. So why Cannabis? I’m a researcher at heart. When Michigan passed Medical use in 2008 it was something to learn about. I learned of the stories of pain relief, observing the negative effect on the black market, seeing caregivers following the laws and no effect on crime.

After my daughter was born, her doctor started with “Colic” and continued tossing out medical conditions of which medication and surgery would be options. Thankfully, I was a researcher, I discovered she was having a reaction to milk allergies and changing my diet eliminated her protruding vomiting. Learning about food medicine led me to learning about Essential Oils (EOs). After testing EO’s on myself then my daughter I was amazed at how peppermint helped with pain, lavender alleviated allergy symptoms and lemon stopped fever. These oils not only worked but worked faster than OTC or Rx meds, and had no noticeable side effects.

It was frustrating that my doctors did not share these natural options. After speaking to my personal PCP, he explained that he is a MD. Medical doctors only learned pharmaceutical related medicine, which is all they teach in Med School. Naturopathic doctors study natural remedies. So here I am, finding these plant based products to work better than pharma drugs with no side effects however they are not regulated by FDA. This resulted in having to research how the oils are made and then which company to trust purchasing a product from that I felt comfortable using on my family.

Cannabis is no different. It is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It benefits families in the majority of states now and I feel our families in SC deserve a product that they can trust. A product that is lab tested, overseen by our doctors and actually works.

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