SC Primary Runoff 6/23/20

Thank you if you made the effort to vote in Tuesday’s SC Primary Election. The “unofficial” election results are IN. Numerous known supporters will be advancing to the General Election thanks to voters who used their voice for change!

However, the work of the voter is not over. Many races were extremely close. In South Carolina state races, if no candidate in a primary receives more than 50% of the vote, the election heads to a runoff. The districts that appear to be headed for a runoff election are:

S.C. Senate districts 16, 33, and 39 and S.C.

S.C. House districts 3, 5, 35, 64, 88, 99, 109, and 115. 

See HERE for a voter guide outlining where each candidate in the South Carolina House or Senate primary runoff stands on medical cannabis. How do you feel about a better quality of life for so many patients? 

If you are unsure of your SC Senate District and SC House District, you can look them up on SC VOTES. South Carolina does not have registration by party. If you live in a district with a runoff for either major party, you can vote in it.

Please plan in advance for the runoff election, Tuesday, June 23, 2020.  Any voter can request an ABSENTEE BALLOT by checking “Reason 18” for this election due to the state of emergency.

Do your part and cast your vote on Tuesday!