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CSC is very proud to announce we are participating in the Inaugural Update on Medical Cannabis: The Sciences of Cannabis and its Changing Role in Medicine, presented by the Drug Discovery – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The CME and CEU-accredited conference will be held on Friday, September 28th at MUSC in Charleston and is breaking new ground and building hope for patients throughout South Carolina.  CSC Directors of Outreach, as well as patient advocates and professionals, will gain insight and network with medical, research and legal experts on medical cannabis through our scholarship program. They will explore the most current evidence-based science as it translates to clinical and legal practice, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and benefits of cannabinoids.

We would like to congratulate our scholarship winners who will attend the conference through Compassionate SC, our non-profit patient advocacy organization. These individual winners from around the state and with various backgrounds are given the opportunity to spread awareness throughout the community with the tools they will receive. In turn, South Carolina patients will access knowledge they can use to empower themselves to advocate for their personal rights as patients and caregivers, as well as the  right to have medical options that may be less harmful and more effective than others, such as pharmaceutical medications.

Please join us in congratulating our scholarship winners!



Michelle Simonetti, CSC State Director of Outreach

On my mission to legalize medical cannabis I continue to research this issue daily to have the latest information to share when others inquire about the topic. Having studied Neuroscience in college, I believe the best source of research is in the educational arena; an opportunity to hear directly from the experts on this topic.

Over the past 18 months I have established a network within my community of Lancaster & York counties. In addition to my daily job training mental health and addiction clinics. I am appointed as a member of the Lancaster County District 1 Health & Wellness Commission, Secretary of the Indian Land Action Council, Charter President of the Indian Land Republican Women and member of many boards of community events. These commitments provide access to educate key members in the community and increase the health & wellness of my neighbors. My hope is to spread the truth of this medicinal plant by exposing this community to the benefits of hemp oil and killing the stigma that has been created around cannabis. This MUSC conference is another opportunity to network and bring the invaluable experience back to my community.


Debra Kurtz, RN, CSC State Director of Outreach

In order to change the world, it has to begin with educating others on the importance of the change and how society will benefit as a whole. This is often difficult when long-standing stigma and misinformation has been the norm rather than the exception. I believe that as a registered nurse, my opinions and recommendations regarding medical cannabis are more readily valued, respected and accepted in the fight against the stigma and the misinformation. I believe that broadening my knowledge base on medical cannabis enables me to empower others with accurate and relevant information. Getting the truth disseminated is a very powerful way to change public opinion and thereby public policy and law. I love to speak to people and share knowledge on medical cannabis. I am always seeking new information on this ever-growing topic. I am very excited at the idea of gaining new knowledge and networking with the leading experts at the medical cannabis conference. I believe this opportunity will help me to help the Compassionate Care Act in the steps needed to make cannabis a legal option in the state of South Carolina. I’m excited and thankful to be on the forefront of change for the better!


Amber Young, CEO Oral Cancer Cause, Inc.

In my research for the Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. and as an oral cancer survivor myself, treated at MUSC, I am very interested in the research in medical marijuana and how it will shape the cancer industry. I plan to use the education and information I receive from course attendance in my presentations as the national spokesperson for the Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. and conferences I attend nationwide.  I work very closely with a CBD company based out of Asheville, NC, to bring relief to cancer patients and help them kick the opiate addictions they face from prescription medication they receive through cancer treatment. Thank you for your consideration.


Daniel Bundrick, Rph

I am a pharmacist who has embraced natural medication such as our Farm to Pharm line we sell at Surfside Beach Pharmacy. We sell various items such as elderberry and colloidal silvers, to name a few. Or course, we sell CBD and have been interviewed on TV by several TV stations on its safety and indication. I have visited a pilot project hemp farm in the state of South Carolina to learn of its successes and failures. I am poised to be a leader in the South and Grand Strand as I have been a pharmacist for 34 years, yet I am open-minded enough to clinically evaluate CBD as well as MMJ, objectively and scientifically.


Tina Arnoldi, MA, LPC

I am licensed counselor with an MA in psychology. To maintain my license, I need to obtain 40 CEUs every two years. But my interest in this conference is as an advocate. I know too many people taking a risk in obtaining cannabis to manage medical symptoms.  This has to become legal in all states, especially ours. I’m currently trying to bring awareness to the issue in my role as a freelance writer for Theravive, which has 2 million unique views a year. I have two recent posts on Theravive regarding cannabis use, and I hope to submit more on this topic.


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  1. Robert October 2, 2018

    Thanks for the work your doing i think our veterans will benefit greatly if our state would legalize medical use.

    • Judy Ghanem
      Judy Ghanem October 9, 2018

      Thank you Robert for your support…so many veterans are prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals with unbearable side effects. As a community, we have a moral obligation to do a better job offering safer alternatives for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms!

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