What is “seed to sale tracking”?

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“Seed to sale tracking” is an inventory control system that state regulators use in medical marijuana programs to track the cultivation, processing, and sales of medical cannabis to patients. As the name suggests, this type of system ensures that strict inventory control measures are in place from the moment a cannabis seed is planted through to the sale of cannabis produced from that plant. These tracking systems even include products made with extracts from that plant, such as tinctures or other edible products. Tracking systems often include a combination of software, written records, and state-approved labels for plants and containers. The system can be monitored in real time by both regulatory and law enforcement personnel to help ensure medical cannabis only goes to those it is intended for: medical cannabis patients.

Software programs for seed to sale tracking systems have been developed by several companies, which are now in use throughout the United States and in Canada. Often, these systems are based on the tracking system pharmaceutical companies use for their own products, adapted for the cannabis industry. Others have been built from the ground up specifically for cannabis tracking. Either way, they provide a single database that can be used by cultivators, processors, transporters, and dispensaries to provide a comprehensive history and timeline for all the medical cannabis produced and eventually sold to patients.

In addition to software, these systems also include a physical label for each plant and container, which includes a barcode or other unique marker that follows the plant through the entire process. At each point, the label is scanned and the system updated as the production process continues. Some of the more advanced platforms even include biometric technology that recognizes fingerprints and other ways to restrict access. Modular software packages allow custom control of key aspects of the production line – some even integrating results from cultivator scales, testing results, or other information specific to particular strains of medical cannabis. The systems are designed to be easy to use, and provide essential information for patients and regulators alike. Every transaction, for every patient, at any location, is available in real time for those monitoring the program.

There are many benefits to implementing these programs and promoting transparency throughout the industry. It helps in the tax collection process, it provides better record-keeping for businesses who may be audited in the course of the regulatory process, and it provides law enforcement and state regulators the ability to look into the supply chain at any point in the program.

But ultimately, it’s to the benefit of the medical cannabis patients, who will be more comfortable knowing where their products are coming from, what went into the process, that the products have been tested safe, and that they are labeled and packaged correctly. Seed to sale tracking provides a solution both for regulators and for the patients for whom the program is designed to serve.

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