The Time to Take Action is NOW: CALL to ACTION!

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 We have made tremendous strides this year gaining support for a sensible and compassionate medical marijuana program. But we need your help. While the vast majority of South Carolinians support allowing medical marijuana, and despite strong support in the House, it’s not clear if Speaker of the House Jay Lucas will attempt to prevent a floor vote.

#1) The first thing you can do is to pick up your telephone to contact his office and politely and respectfully ask that he let the people’s representatives vote on H3521, at (803) 734-3125 on Tuesday 3/6  or Wednesday 3/7/18!

#2) Click here to contact your own lawmaker and remind him or her that medical cannabis is widely supported by voters in South Carolina and the House should vote without further delay.

H3521 was assigned to committee last year, and that group of lawmakers is now ready to advance the bill to the House floor for a key vote. But insiders tell us that Speaker Lucas might delay passage by sending the bill to another committee. If that happens, it is extremely unlikely the bill will advance further before time runs out.

Twenty-nine states and Washington, D.C. have regulated programs designed to allow access to medical cannabis for patients that qualify. Yet today in South Carolina, the state’s own seriously ill patients are treated like criminals for choosing a treatment that is safer than many prescription drugs.

Please click here to urge your representative to call for a floor vote on H3521 when it is returned to the full House, and to support passage. Then, forward and SHARE this message to friends, family, and loved ones in your network in South Carolina so they can add their voices to yours in support of patients.

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