What’s Up at CSC? (Feb 2018)

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As the legislative session is now in full swing we at CSC.health have been very busy educating the legislators on the importance of the passage of a comprehensive medical marijuana program. We are also setting in motion a campaign that will educate the state the medicinal value cannabis has to offer and that SC needs to allow doctors to have this option at their disposal for their patients.

CSC is about to begin production on 3 Public Service Announcements that focus on Medical Doctors who support having this option in their arsenal, patient advocates who want to convey their personal story, and Law Enforcers who feel that legalizing medical cannabis for medical conditions is moral and just. Please contact us directly if you fit into any of these categories at [email protected] scheduled production is March 1st-5th.

That being said after this important piece of legislation is passed (which will hopefully happen sooner than later) CSC.Health will be educating patients free of charge how to obtain a card to legally treat with cannabis in SC. We will keep everyone abreast of any changes in the program, where you can obtain safe tested product once dispensaries open, and do our best to educate and protect all the patients in the state.

We have witnessed in other states people charging patients for information that should be given for free so we want to ensure that patients in our state do not get taken advantage of. So even if you can’t get involved politically now please use us for future resources after the bill is passed

We wish every South Carolinian a happy healthy week and hopefully soon we will see comprehensive legislation passed that will allow those who are suffering a better quality of life. Please sign up for our emailed newsletter list below. Your address is only used to determine your legislators.


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