Yesterday’s Big Win: Medical Cannabis

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Yesterday was a big win for Medical Marijuana. Every ballot initiative that legalized Cannabis for medical purposes passed by a large margin. These initiatives where both in very conservative republican dominant states, (politically very similar to South Carolina). This gives us hope that when the general assembly goes back into session in January they will look to their counterparts and start to vote the will of the people.
One of our biggest supporters last night was defeated for governor but that doesn’t deter us from our purpose. Which is to bring alternative healing methods to South Carolina patients who are suffering. We have a right as citizens to allow our doctors access to all healing medicines even if those medicines are controversial. Healthcare should be left in the hands of doctors and patients not politicians.
We will go into this next year with an aggressive educational plan to bring awareness to the medical benefits of cannabis to the people of South Carolina. Through the people we will educate their representatives in Columbia and hopefully pass a comprehensive medical marijuana bill. We will also continue to educate the governor on why this issue is so important for South Carolina patients, how this one piece of legislation has the ability to effect over 500,000 residents who currently suffer which through cannabis treatment they can find relief. We will work to have the people’s voice heard on this issue.
CSC will be kicking off the holiday season with a very special fundraiser at one of the states hemp farms. Palmetto Harmony has been gracious enough to host an evening of dinner and drinks at their farm in Conway with all proceeds going to CSC. They have several hemp plants growing in their greenhouse and attendees will get to tour the facility and see close up hemp plants. There will also be live music and amazing Carolina BBQ. This will be a one of a kind greenhouse evening. Stay tuned for further details!
Thank you everyone who voted yesterday always remember no matter who you vote for the most important thing is that you have the ability to vote!

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