Your Vote Counts Tomorrow

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The Republican Primary Election is tomorrow,  Tuesday June 26th, and this is another chance to support those who support medical cannabis in South Carolina. Residents are eligible to vote if they are registered and did NOT vote using the Democratic ballot in the June 12th Primary Election. To see if you are registered to vote, click here. Specific instructions on the June 26 Runoff are available here. Be sure to get out and vote tomorrow!

Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm. To find out more information about the voting locations, please go to

The gubernatorial runoff will determine the Republican candidate for governor. The race is between our current Governor Henry McMaster and John Warren. While Governor McMaster brings extensive experience as governor, so far, he has not been supportive of medical cannabis. John Warren has signaled more support, and this decorated war veteran is seen by many as a conservative outsider.

Medical cannabis was discussed during a recent debate among candidates for governor. You can see candidates talk about medical cannabis in South Carolina at the 48 minute timestamp, here.

Also, the Marijuana Policy Project asked candidates about their position on medical marijuana in South Carolina. Here are the responses the candidates gave, also available online.

Candidate name: Henry McMaster
Party: Republican
Position: Did not respond to survey question
Public comments: He has stated that “It’s a bad idea to legalize marijuana. …I don’t think it’s healthy,” although it is unclear if the governor draws any distinction between medical cannabis and marijuana intended for adult use. Source


Candidate name: John Warren
Party: Republican
Position: Did not respond to survey question
Public comments: Signaled support for allowing access to medical marijuana. Source

Your vote tomorrow is another key step in supporting those patients who deserve safe access to medical cannabis in South Carolina. Please make it to the polls!


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